Expanded Version of Breeder?

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Expanded Version of Breeder?

Postby mixiekins » December 6th, 2018, 09:24

Heya, just putting this out there, but if I whip up the pixel art and draft up some state machines and such for extended gameplay mechanics, would anyone be up to the task of programming it? I've really loved playing with torchic and am hyped about being able to take him with me when the new rom carts are released, and would really like to have some additional gameplay elements.

I've heard that the official carts had a ton more capacity than what's been on them, and that they didn't get close to pushing the console's abilities, so I wonder how much we could add to it over time. :)

I'd love to hear any suggestions from everyone else here who likes Breeder, for the time being I was thinking about having additional areas with activities beyond the swing/steps outside as well as the poketoy drawer. I was also thinking of doing something with the pokepuffs cooking things and taking other such cues from poke-ami style minigames from other games in the series.

What do you guys think?

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Re: Expanded Version of Breeder?

Postby RazorLeafAttack » Yesterday, 11:55

I'm not here with any help, just to say that I'm looking forward to getting one of the flash carts and actually being able to read the text in Breeder. Got the actual cartridge; I don't really bother playing Pokémon Mini games on emulators

Seems like the perfect time for something like this to actually happen given the upcoming release of the flash cartridge

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