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Frank the Fruit Fly

Postby VirtualChris » July 7th, 2018, 00:35

So I discovered something about adding a second song in a game. The code for the Music Test .min game doesn't work correctly when there's just two songs. I had to delete 2 "shl a"s from this:

Code: Select all

   mov b, 0
   mov a, [bgm_select]
   shl a
   shl a
   shl a
   shl a
   mov hl, bgm_list+2
   add hl, ba
   mov b, [hl]
   dec hl
   dec hl
   mov hl, [hl]
   call pmmusic_playbgm

Anyway, I now am working on a version of my never-finished Game Boy game "Frank the Fruit Fly." It's kind of like Togepi's adventure, only you use the directional pad and B button for it.
I spent last night programming the title screen and pressing A to start the game. Frank will fly off screen when A is pressed and the game will start. Frank can then fly around the screen, even diagonally. I read in an .asm file that I have to do something special when the game gets to be 64k or higher. Is it fairly easy to do?
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