Japanese translations & data dumps

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Japanese translations & data dumps

Postby The_Gnomer » August 28th, 2018, 20:06

Hey guys I'm new to the Pokemon mini scene and as I haven't really researched into it yet I was wondering if you needed me to do Japanese translations of the games and data dumps I'm not a fully fluent Japanese speaker but I'm decent at it and getting better.

Thanks for reading,

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Re: Japanese translations & data dumps

Postby mixiekins » August 30th, 2018, 09:52

Heya, Max!

Hm, I've seen that there are patches already made for most of them, but it looks like Pichu Bros hasn't yet been added to the bottom of the list over here, so perhaps it's still a work in progress. Those patches are unofficial, so they're not denoted on this page, which lists all of the games which have officially been released by Nintendo.

There's a decent amount of homebrew out there, but I haven't heard of any that's Japanese-only. I'm pretty new here myself, so hopefully someone else more knowledgeable than myself can chime in. :D I'm mainly here to pitch in with some pixel art, so I've not looked into translations and patches much as of yet. I'm sure your help would be very much appreciated, and I for one welcome you to the board.

I just got my first mini in the mail this week and am super impressed with this little piece of tech history, so I'm glad to see others who are interested in keeping it active!

High fives!


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Re: Japanese translations & data dumps

Postby Wa » Yesterday, 01:22

Pichu Bros has been translated, we just stalled during the graphics edits and patching it.

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