New flash cart in development

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Re: New flash cart in development

Postby Pikpol » December 2nd, 2018, 11:54

zoranc wrote:News. The carts PCBs are supposed to be ready, all the parts did arrive too, so we hope to have them populated next week or so.

Flashers are produced. Also the casing for them. This is how it looks:


Flasher GUI client is ready.

Testing firmware for the carts is also ready. Onto the next features for the cart release.

Ahh, I'm getting excited ^^
Nice casing for the flasher.
Thanks for this update!

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Re: New flash cart in development

Postby Metaknight » December 2nd, 2018, 18:02

Really exciting news! Well done!

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Re: New flash cart in development

Postby mixiekins » December 4th, 2018, 08:41

RazorLeafAttack wrote:as I understand it, production of new shells is far too expensive to justify

Oh, my husband and I are actually on it! We're designing some of our own shells and are happy to produce extras for anyone that can cover materials and shipping.

Anyway, just got caught up and wanted to give some encouragement! Great job, guys, that Flasher is looking super slick! What's the GUI looking like? Need any help with icons or anything? I'm happy to help with any UI/UX stuff if that'll reduce your workload at all, the holiday season can be crazy busy, and many hands makes light work. :)

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Re: New flash cart in development

Postby VirtualChris » December 5th, 2018, 01:18

I really really really want one of these, but I am scared I will miss out on it. How many of these will be made? And has anyone said anything about the price? Would be great to see if Frank the Fruit Fly works on a real Pokemon Mini.

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Re: New flash cart in development

Postby Toolshrink » December 5th, 2018, 09:20

I'm super excited! This project has taken just about forever and time has finally come for the world to witness the final production of the masterpiece known as Zoranc's pkmn mini flash carts!!!!!!! :lol:

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