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Posted: June 1st, 2014, 17:13
by lolzvid
Hello there!
My name is Christopher, mostly know as "lolzvid" at other forums, and I found this community sometime ago, but never bothered to register.

Some years ago, I was visiting a retro gaming store, and there was a strange item on a corner that I've never seen in my life. I asked if I could see it closer, and I was very impressive that it was made by Nintendo! I decided to buy it, got it for $10 (great price), and it was new, sealed. Then I went to home, and searched about the system on the Internet, and by since, I started to look the info of it on this website.

This is how I found this wonderful site and community! :D

- lolzvid

Re: Introduction

Posted: June 2nd, 2014, 18:13
by JustBurn
Welcome to our community!

Amazing find btw, nowadays finding a Pokémon-Mini is rare, specially for so cheap and let alone brand new sealed. Any collector shouldn't think twice to get it and resell it for a crazy expensive price.

Sadly that's what Pokémon-Mini is nowadays, just a collector's item.
For worse Lupin is not even around anymore to sell Flashcards and i can't fund myself to make my own branch (that's why i gave my prototype design to him in the first place).

Now the good news... I'm working with someone to bring a new homebrew game, it still very early in development but things seems to be shaping up ;)
...sadly that's all, wish there was more going on.

Re: Introduction

Posted: June 3rd, 2014, 18:38
by DaniPhii
I think I'm finally buying one for 30 €, I'm waiting for an answer from his owner. I almost got it 14 years ago, but my parents didn't want to buy it for me then. :lol:

Maybe I can get a Siemens C60 display too to mod it with LED backlight. 8-)

Let's see if I can finally get it! :D
And maybe I develop some homebrew for it if I can get a flashcart and a flasher, I did it time ago for NDS.

I'm just fascinated by this device, I'm in love with 8-bit era! :mrgreen:

Re: Introduction

Posted: June 16th, 2014, 11:18
by scyther
Hi there, hope you enjoy your stay here!
The mini is surely a unique and wonderful console, and it can be great fun. I have seen Lupin online, so i guess you can try getting a flashcart, and try some of the homebrew apps. And of course, the best would be if you would try to code something by yourself ;)

Re: Introduction

Posted: June 18th, 2014, 07:44
by DaniPhii
That's right, scyther, I'm getting hooked more and more, I'm still waiting for and answer from the owner, but if he doesn't answer me, I'll look for another one, I'd like it to be in perfect shape. :)

Thanks for your welcome! :D