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Gotta catch 'em all!

Posted: August 5th, 2016, 00:33
by VirtualChris
I keep my Pokemon Mini and games in a container on a table in my room. I somehow managed to knock the container down. Games scattered all over the place, which is not good, even when you don't have very many. Just to make sure it would work, I put a game in the Pokemon Mini and turned it on. No sound. Argh! I hit it a few times, and turned it on and the sound came back! I looked long and hard for them all, but it's hard when you don't remember which ones you have. My room is a total mess and I need to clean it. To make matters worse, I was half-asleep when I did it. Hopefully I got all of them and put them back. I will keep my container in a different place from now on.

Re: Gotta catch 'em all!

Posted: August 5th, 2016, 01:32
by Agilo
This is the greatest post on this forum so far. :lol:

Re: Gotta catch 'em all!

Posted: August 5th, 2016, 04:13
by MiniMe
That's the downside of their size! I like that hitting it a few times did the trick, lol. On the plus side, think of how exciting it will be to find a long lost one years from now (if it takes that long to clean up that is ;) ).