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Pokemini for the GBA?

Posted: December 3rd, 2011, 19:06
by Poke-dro
Firstly, thanks for the Pokemini emu in the first place. I really enjoy it on my laptop.

However, I would love to play it on my Gameboy Micro. The form factor just, to me, seems to really suit the philosophy of the Pokemon Mini.

Would it be remotely possible for a port to be made for the GBA hardware? I notice that pretty much every other platform has a port - go on, make it a full house! :P

Thanks in anticipation. :)

Re: Pokemini for the GBA?

Posted: December 18th, 2011, 08:48
by JustBurn
Thanks :D

Possible? It may! If High Color is disabled and load ROMs from gamepak (You wont be able to use Load ROM...) the RAM usage may fit inside the tiny external memory ( 256KB ).
Now the downside: it will run sloooooow ... i'll be very surprised if it's actually playable at all.
So due to the very poor performance it will get i think is not worth to support it ( but someone else is welcome to add the platform, for fun ;) ).

I should recommend you to upgrade to a Nintendo DS (because 3DS isn't hacked for homebrew yet ... or atleast i think) or PlayStation Portable (it run quite well there)

Re: Pokemini for the GBA?

Posted: December 20th, 2011, 00:56
by Poke-dro
Thanks for responding.

I've actually got builds on my Caanoo and DS but I just really loved the idea of the Pokemon Mini running on my GBA Micro.

Can I ask why it would run so slowly? It seems on the surface to be an emulator of a fairly primitive piece of hardware. The NES and SMS emulators run pretty well so why not PM?

I'll continue to use my other handhelds regardless. The PM is such a charming thing!

Re: Pokemini for the GBA?

Posted: December 21st, 2011, 08:16
by JustBurn
your talking about PocketNES and SMSAdvance right?
Well those were programmed specifically for the GBA hardware and using optimized code in asm for the core and critical parts, it was designed with performance as a priority.

PokeMini is different, it's a project focused in portability and accuracy, although 0.5.x version introduced "sync cycle" that allow to trade for performance which allowed the emulator to run nicely in NDS but still can't reach 100% speed.

Anyway the GBA CPU is clocked at 1/4 of the speed of the NDS so is obvious that will run slower.