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N00b Intro & Question

Posted: November 8th, 2012, 10:08
by alicewilde88
Hello all, I'm new to the Pokemini community, but I've been in love with the tiny console for years and am super glad to be here :geek:

Anyway, to introduce myself, my name is Alice and I'm 24, American. I found the Pokemon mini at a garage sale in 2006 and bought it for a dollar not really knowing what it was (but very intrigued!) Since then, I've bought a couple more Pokemon minis for family members. I have 5 games: Party, Zany Cards, Pinball, Puzzle Collection, and Puzzle Collection 2. I'd love to find the other 5, someday (PM me if you're selling!).

I'm running the Pokemini emulator on my 3DS with a flashcart and it runs great. Thank you so much for all the development going on in this community -- keeping it alive. I have all ten games downloaded in English except for two: Pichu Bros Mini (which I assume is still in development, and that is AWESOME!) and Zany Cards.

Yep, Zany Cards. The only ROMs I can find are German or French. I thought the European versions were multi-lingual, but I've messed around with both of those ROMs every which way, and there is no English option whatsoever. Can anyone point me to a valid link for the US version? Or PM/email me with the file? I'd be eternally grateful, because Zany Cards is my favorite Pokemon Mini game!! Thx everyone :D

Re: N00b Intro & Question

Posted: November 9th, 2012, 06:40
by YasaSheep
Hrm~ Alice is my middle name and we have the same birth year. o.o

Anyway, don't think we're allowed to really share/ask for ROMs.

And yes Pichu Bros. is still being worked on. I think it's entirely translated, though, it's just being implemented. New resources to translate pop up from time to time though, so I can't be entirely sure.

Re: N00b Intro & Question

Posted: November 9th, 2012, 20:01
by alicewilde88
Yeah I suppose I should have known that... But thanks for the info! Awesome, I guess I'll just have to stick around huh :D