carrying cases (free patterns)

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carrying cases (free patterns)

Post by mixiekins » April 13th, 2019, 03:49

I whipped up a carrying case pattern for a single-pocket with-snap case; the margins allow for sewing it with leather and heavy waxed twine.
case001.gif (201.67 KiB) Viewed 4092 times
This particular prototype has already been sold and shipped, but I'll be making more to sell to anyone interested in this particular model (will be in the marketplace thread).

I'll design additional/variant models shortly, such as including sleeves for carts, or belt loops, or zippers, or padding, embroidery/laser etching, and fabric versions.

Overseas shipping from the US can be pricey, we're all do-it-yourselfers, and I'm all about that GNU licensing, so here's a free copy of the pattern (attached in .SVG format).
You match the dark blue of one piece to that of another, same goes for purple; the light teal, however, is a floating seam that you don't attach to any other parts-- they're simply for cleaning up the edges. I haven't marked where to put the snap in case anyone prefers to instead use velcro, a buckle, or what have you.
However, if you do use a snap, I highly advise that you attach an inner piece of leather as padding to prevent the metal snap from scratching your console, like so:
(click to play, I guess. For whatever reason phpbb won't play this gif and I can't be bothered to figure out why at the moment.)
I attached mine using drycleanable fabric adhesive, btw.

You can use this pattern to make stuff for sale, and you can modify the pattern (you need to share your modifications in this same way I am sharing mine). If you do use my pattern, you cannot take credit for having developed it, only any work you directly do on it or what you've made with it.
:) TL;DR: Don't be a jerk.
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Re: carrying cases (free patterns)

Post by mixiekins » May 6th, 2019, 01:02

Got a single-pocket zippered design prototyped. This is a reproduction of an existing official model which had of course been discontinued.

This reproduction is made with custom neoprene (FF79F2 Flex-Foam™ 2-Sided Fusible from Pellon) I laminated myself with licensed fabric, but this is by no means official merch, it's a fan-made reproduction.

Front and back:
Fits one with plenty of space for carts, or two consoles snugly:
Has a spine that matches the face fabric but with accent colors to compliment the interior fabric pattern, a clean inner finish with bias tape (I'm considering getting reverseable zippers so it can be used inside out as well), as well as multiple lines of machine stitching and zipper gutters for way-too-overkill durability, and lastly the zipper is an all-plastic Sports style (as opposed to metal) so as to not scratch the console:
I have an elastic fabric I'll use for a second iteration that'll have small pockets for holding carts on the inside, like these:
For reference, the fabrics came from JoAnn, with the following codes:
  • ITEM # 16184327 (black pikachu)
  • ITEM # 15911746 (blue pikachu)
  • ITEM # 16184319 (black collage of gen1 starters)
  • ITEM # 16630824 (elastic fabric for cartridge pockets, blue pikachu)
Samples of the aforementioned fabrics for visual reference, respectively:
The official merch this is modeled after also had a decal on both face surfaces, which I'm going to turn into an embroidery pattern (I do in fact have an embroidery machine), so the following can be included on orders with fabrics which have less-busy patterns:
(I've attached a vector as well-- zipped because our forum software doesn't like .svg)
It's perfectly suited to screen printing, but I don't have access to those supplies, and IMO embroidery is much more durable/satisfying anyway.

One note, is that because this is an unsanctioned reproduction, I've chosen to adjust the decals' files so as to reduce the ease of counterfeit production; you may note that the PokeMini illustration of the face does not have a "wifi/comms" signal at its top, and there is a disclaimer on the text for the back.
The original/official for reference:
I'll attach the pattern soon, I haven't vectorized it yet.
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Re: carrying cases (free patterns)

Post by Sprinter » May 6th, 2019, 21:21

Very nice, but you did Forget to mention the conditions under what we could get one. ;)

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