My Pokemon Mini has stopped working!

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My Pokemon Mini has stopped working!

Post by markb44z »

Hi, until recently one AAA battery in my Pokemon Mini would last for weeks but recently it doesn’t seem to matter which AAA battery I put in it the machine dies after only a few days without even being used, now last night, after trying three different batteries it’s died completely! Anyone any thoughts or theories as to why and is there anything I can possibly do to fix it?

I should say that I can still play all the games thanks to my Miyoo Mini Plus handheld but it’s not quite the same, hope someone can help, thanks!
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Re: My Pokemon Mini has stopped working!

Post by YasaSheep »

The PM is always on so dying without being used is expected, but in only a few days seems unreasonable. Was the screen okay last it worked? Can you hear any sound when you try to turn it on?

There isn't exactly a clear walkthru on how to clean up a PM at the moment but you can look at the traces of the board here which if you know what you're doing, can help you to debug where power isn't flowing but should be.

I don't really know a whole lot about it, myself. The Discord may be a little more helpful with real-time help, though.
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