Shock sensor not working

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Shock sensor not working

Post by cybernesto » June 24th, 2018, 20:49

Hi everyone,

I got this nice Pokémon mini some time ago and finally got to play with it a bit. With Pokémon Party mini I can't get a single point when playing Boxing Frenzy. The game does not recognize any shake movement. Everything else works just fine. Is this a known issue? I tried opening the unit but had no idea how the shock sensor looks like. Is it something that might jam and needs lubrication or something like that?
I'll be thankful about any hint. There are some games that are unplayable without the sensor :(

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Re: Shock sensor not working

Post by JustBurn » August 13th, 2018, 21:51

The sensor is a sealed component so you can't apply lubrication, neither i know where to get a replacement of that component... the only solution I see is getting another pokémon mini (doesn't need to be in an working condition) just for the piece.

Apart from Pokémon Party mini there's other games that doesn't need the sensor at all, you should give those a try.

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