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Re: Scans?

Posted: December 29th, 2018, 04:46
by mixiekins
Puzzle English box (300 DPI)

I'm going to set up a .psd file to export printable (full-bleed edited) versions with the outline for trimming (by hand with a dotted-line, or use a vector object to make a die, or to auto-cut with a Cricut or similar-- I have Silhouette so will only be able to test that for compatibility).

To make my life a little easier, has anyone made a shared folder with everyone's scans? This is the only box I have on hand.

There will also be a folder with guides to make your own custom box art once I have this done and can see what the standards are for placement of the various elements.

Re: Scans?

Posted: August 10th, 2021, 18:19
by Geggenau
Nordic Pokémon Mini instruction manual (300 DPI). Scanned by me.

When scanning was done, the software (Samsung Easy Document Creator) asked what quality to save at (hi/med/low).
Resulting filesizes were 77 mb, 43 mb and 13 mb. Low quality was the only one with small enough filesize for this board.