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Pending website updates megathread

Posted: February 19th, 2022, 04:50
by YasaSheep
Just wanted to collect some things which have been forgotten which need changes here on the website.

Admin action required
  • On the Flash Cart page, "MrBlinkys PokeCard512 Rev2 related page" should point here. This is most definitely an issue on Mr. Blinky's side, but it's not like he's around.
  • Add links to the respective flashers for each cart listed in the Flash Carts page.
  • Source code for Shizzle demo needs to be added to its page. link
  • Downloads are still showing double.
  • You can access the website with any subdomain eg which really pollutes Google search results.
  • Separate out obsolete tools from the Tools section so as to reduce the confusion for newbies. (I'll put a list below.)
  • Should really have been a news post for Shonumi's coverage of the PM (published 05/17/2021), and a link to or download of GBE+ since it now supports PM including IR support (however, not overall accurate enough to replace pokemini, I don't think)
  • Add games and demos which are missing, and ideally separate the games and demos into separate sections. I expect some of the low ratings are because people expected some of them to be playable and they weren't. (I'll put a list below.)
Organized tools
  • Tools that are still useful today:
    • c88-pokemini - "Assembler, Compiler" tag, new tool. We should turn the make-to-install system into a direct download here (and its Releases section on GH), instead
    • Channelinject
    • eepparse - new tool
    • img2c - Image Converter tag, new tool, no download yet
    • mindis2 - Disassembler tag, new tool
    • PM Music for VS Code - Music tag?, it relies on pokemini_musicconv which comes with PokeMini to do the conversions tho, new tool
    • PokeMini
    • Race mini Editor - Game Editor tag, new tool, no download yet
    • ROM Properties - shows ROM info in the Properties view for files in Windows etc. Works for more than PM so probably shouldn't be reuploaded and just linked instead.
  • Best of its kind, but not up to modern tooling:
    • BiosDump
    • img2pm - for 4-6 color support and bin exports, new WIP version here
    • PokeFlash + PokeFlash GUI - add Flash Utility tag, I feel like this should become one entry
    • PokemonMiniX - it's the only emu for Xbox
    • PokeMusic - add Music Editor/Converter tag, needs an explanation of how to run on Win 10+
    • PokeSprite - add Image Editor/Converter tag, needs an explanation of how to run on Win 10+
  • Tools which have been made obsolete:
    • bmp2bin - replaced by img2pm
    • DePoke - replaced by mindis2
    • MindX - replaced by pokemini
    • Minimon - replaced by pokemini
    • Pika Macro ASsembler (PMAS) - replaced by Epson toolchain
    • PMDis - replaced by mindis2
    • PokeKaMini - replaced by pokemini
    • RomTool - replaced by ROM Properties
  • Tools which I'm not familiar enough with to categorize:
    • BIOSpicX
    • Interleave
    • min2gcm
    • Mini Graphix
    • MinPack
    • PokeMap - needs an explanation of how to run on Win 10+
Organized games
Games have been largely reorganized. Nav bar hasn't been updated, some bugginess with breadcrumbs. New full games have been added.
  • Full games (polished, complete):
    • Cortex
    • Frank the Fruit Fly
    • Galactix
    • LightsOut
    • Pac-it - new game
    • Pazuru - polished enough?, new game
    • PokéMaze
    • Pokémon Psychic Seeds
    • PokéSnake
    • SOKOmini
  • Game demos (incomplete or just an example):
    • DeathTrap - ?
    • Flappy Bird - incomplete
    • gjpg (source) - not sure the real name, 2020 game jam entry, new game. Jhyn can post with credits
    • Loopover (source) - by Jhynjhiruu, new game
    • Mini Cookie - example
    • P-Type
    • Petals Around the Rose - unpolished
    • Pokémon Orange - will never be complete
    • Pokémon Party mini 2 (thread) - new game
    • Pongémon - sorta incomplete
    • Sonic Arena - unpolished
    • Wooloo's Run Away - 2020 game jam entry, new game. Credits:
      • Programming: YasaSheep, Cobra
      • Graphics: Gabiszon
      • Music (unimplemented): YasaSheep
    • Zelda Mini
  • Tools:
  • Tech demos / Unplayable:
    • 4 Color Demo
    • 4Bit Animation
    • 5 colour animation - new demo
    • 5 Color Demo
    • 5 colors demo - new demo
    • 6 Color Demo - need to add C version
    • After The Poke
    • Bad Apple demo
    • Biff
    • Bounce
    • Elite
    • Game of Life
    • Goldmomo demos
    • Hello World
    • Indestructible
    • Kindergarten Boogie Mini
    • p0p Scroll Demo
    • Pink Beret
    • Poke Axe
    • Pokémon Hardest
    • PokePhantom F4
    • PokéPorn
    • PokeSonic - would put this as an example if it had source
    • prc test - example, about five versions of the source starting on that page
    • PutPixel - new demo, example for VBCC compiler
    • SHizZLE
    • Sinus Demo
    • Sprite Masking Demo
    • Tarzan
    • Team Pokeme Logo
    • Uridium
Things others can help with
  • Update the docs to reflect Epson knowledge! And add new C docs.
  • Setup and dev tutorials for the new build environment.
  • Open-source, well documented example games for the new build environment.
  • EEPROM library which supports both the official format and the unofficial extension used by Cortex.
  • Audio library usable from C. May support any or all of the MINLIB, PokeMusic, or pokemini_musicconv generated formats. - Some work has been done toward this by Jhyn, check with him. Progress on a new one by jvsTSX here
  • 4-6 color and far memory support in img2c
  • Reverse engineering info over on Data Crystal
Let me know if I missed anything, or if you know how to organize those tools.

Re: Pending website updates megathread

Posted: October 25th, 2022, 22:58
by YasaSheep
I got editor powers now so I updated the news and recategorized all the games. Finishing the games reorg and fixing tools may take some work I can't do and I'll slowly upload missing games as I have time. In lieu of the nav bar, you can view the homebrew subcategories via this menu.

For now I uploaded Pac-it and Pazuru.