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Final Japanese-exclusive game translated to English

Friday, June 7th, 2019

Last month (May 2019) an English translation patch was released for Pichu Bros. Mini. This was the last of the 5 Japanese-exclusive games to get a fan translation, meaning every game in the Pokémon mini library can now be played via emulator, or using the DITTO mini flash cartridge.

This fan translation was a collaborative effort between users Mr. Blinky, YasaSheep, snesy, and NikcDC

The translation can be found here.

Join Pokemon-Mini on Discord

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Join the new Discord server dedicated to Pokémon Mini. If you’re interested in some fast-paced discussion or have questions that need quick answers, check it out!

The goal of this server is primarily to act as a supplemental resource for those developing homebrew. There are already some very knowledgeable individuals subscribed making it a great resource. Consider enabling notifications too, if you’d like to help answer questions and help the Pokémon Mini community grow.

Prototype Pokémon Mini found

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Recently, an extremely rare teal-colored Pokémon Mini prototype handheld was found having been sold on eBay! [Wayback Machine mirror]

This mysterious device was reported by the seller not to be working anymore. It includes a mysterious game cartridge with the label reading “Sample 01011” and has a serial number printed on the PCB that reads “MIN-KCFO-01”. It is unknown what this game cartridge holds. Could it be a work-in-progress Pokémon Mini game that was never released to the public? Perhaps it contains blueprints to the Pokémon Mini console? We will unfortunately never know since the buyer remains anonymous for now.

We at congratulate the buyer for picking up this very rare item. We hope that the buyer contacts us so we can support him at resurrecting this mysterious device and unravel the secrets it may hold.

New manual scans

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Thanks to Stephen from The Nintendo VOID, we have two new manual scans for you:

Psychic Seeds and PokeMini 0.60!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Pokémon Psychic Seeds finally got out of beta phase and now is released to public.
Sorry for the loooong wait!
Enjoy this little puzzle platform game on your pokémon-mini 😉

More info in the forum post.

And why stop there!?
PokeMini 0.60 was released as well to celebrate the new game!
Get the emulator here!