By: Lupin
Date: Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 at 23:21
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New flasher utility for Rev2 carts

You can download the latest PokeFlash utility for your PokeCard 512 Rev2 from the development tools section. It now supports MrBlinky’s menu ROM, allowing multiple ROMs on the cart and select them via a nice menu.

For everyone who didn’t hear the news yet: The carts are on sale now, there are only a few in stock and they can be ordered through Lupin (more info on the flashcart page).

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1 Comment

Agilo says:

I love the new cart!
It’s really fast, fits into the Pokemon Mini beautifully and doesn’t require the cart to be removed for flashing (it can remain inside the PM)!

Thanks again for all the great work!

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