By: KR155E
Date: Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 at 08:08
Comments: 4

New manual scans

Thanks to Stephen from The Nintendo VOID, we have two new manual scans for you:

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Hi ! Help !

My screen is blank

Where can I find a tool for open it ? (screwdriver)


zoranc says:

I would suggest you post your question in the forums. There are many people ready to answer and help.

RazorLeafAttack says:

Curious if you guys are looking for more manual scans. I have a Pinball and (soon) Puzzle Collection manual that I can scan.

If so, where do I submit the PDFs?

KR155E says:

RazorLeafAttack: Thank you! We’re still missing both and scans would be much appreciated. Please either post the scans on the forums or email to chris(at)vr32(dot)de.