By: Agilo
Date: Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 at 02:35
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PokeMini 0.4.2 released!

A long time has passed since any major upgrade in existing emulators.. until today!

JustBurn has recently upgraded(/rewritten) his PokeMini emulator to include all recent discoveries made (as documented in our Wiki) to give us PokeMini 0.4.2!

Major features include (taken from the changelog):

-: 0.4.0 Changes :-

  • Complete rewrite, source code seems very portable.
  • Added FreeBIOS, a public domain BIOS that try to behave like the real BIOS.
  • Added SDL and some platforms.

-: 0.4.1 Changes :-

  • Minor changes.
  • Audio dumping/capture is now WAV format.

-: 0.4.2 Changes :-

  • Palette support in SDL.
  • Rumble now shake the display up & down.
  • Added Wiz platform.
  • Fixed EEPROM access.
  • Fixed signed jump/call instructions.
  • Removed load/save state until a problem is solved.
  • Added unofficial colors support into games!

Especially the color support in games is very exciting development even if, of course, it is not supported in real hardware.

Download the emulator now (source also available under GPL!) for Windows/Linux and Nintendo DS/Sony PSP/Wiz at the following location:

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KR155E says:

Yay! That’s some great news!

Wolvern_Hart says:

Good emulator, 4.3 has also been released, windows version is almost perfect from what i’ve tried. Having problems with the Wiz version not loading (firmware 1.2.6), any help?

JustBurn says:

Can you provide the information that is inside stdout.txt and stderr.txt after you ran the emulator on the Wiz?

Wolvern_Hart says:

stdout : (nothing)
stderr : ./PokeMini.gpe: line 6: ./PokeMini: Permission denied
I have put the files how they were in the compressed file

Wolvern_Hart says:

ah, one of the files is in the wrong folder in the compressed file, got it working now

Wolvern_Hart says:

Would a caanoo release be possible? Use of the g-motion sensor could be useful for emulating shaking the console

Lupin says:

wow, very impressive. Good job JB.

Stepybebe says:

Great emulator it works really well!

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