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Date: Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 at 23:55
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Pokemini 0.4.5

Version 0.4.5 of the Pokemini emulator is out. Changes:

  • Fixed interrupt flag status after interrupt jump/call
  • Added “Generated”, “Direct PWM” and “PWM+Filter” sound modes
    • Generated – Mode used in slow platforms
    • Direct PWM – Same as direct but with ability to play PWM raw sounds
    • PWM+Filter – Direct PWM with filtering to simulate PM’s piezo speaker
  • LCD update now when “dirty” instead of PRC rate counter match
  • Unofficial colors information structure changed to lower memory usage
  • Support for 4×4 attributes in unofficial colors
  • Added “Reload colors info…” to reload the .minc file
  • Soft reset now supported, changing rom won’t reset clock
  • FreeBIOS 1.2: Display status and improved compatibility
  • SDL Only: Added joystick support (disabled by default)
  • Joystick can be enabled under “Platform…” -> “Define Joystick…”
  • SDL Only: Color depth can be changed between 16bpp and 32bpp
  • Wiz Only: Fixed crash when sound disabled and added SDL port (wizsdl)
  • NDS, Wiz and PSP Only: Battery can be setup to reflect real battery
  • Source Only: Added some simplified platforms to help porting

Downloads of the source and binaries for many systems can be found on the Pokemini Google Code page.

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