By: JustBurn
Date: Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 at 17:00
Comments: 2

PokeMini 0.5.2

Version 0.5.2 of PokeMini has been released. Changelog:

  • Opening .minc files now opens the linked .min files
  • More accurant PRC timing and triggering
  • Minor changes
  • Debugger Only:
  • – Recent ROMs list
  • – Drag & Drop ROM files support
  • – Added file association to .min and .minc files
  • – Moved PRC Counter from Timers Window to Misc. Window
  • – Added more special registers for printing and controlling the debug output
  • – Reorganized the menu
  • – Improved the memory content components
  • – Added 16-bits memory filler into memory viewer
  • – All viewers and main window position & size are now saved
  • Win32 Only:
  • – Fixed command-lines and closing code
  • – Recent ROMs list
  • – Drag & Drop ROM files support
  • – Added “Pause when inactive” window option
  • – Added file association to .min and .minc files


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Poke-dro says:

Fantastic stuff. A very well crafted emulator – other devs could learn from the attention to detail paid by Justburn and co!

Retro child says:

This is awsome, in few year this console will have a very expensive cost, I wanna have one Pokemon Mini or 3, with all the games, and hombrew in console.