By: JustBurn
Date: Monday, December 31st, 2012 at 01:09
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PokeMini 0.5.3

Version 0.5.3 of PokeMini has been released. Changelog:

  • Fixed command-line parsing which caused problems with lastest GCC
  • Directory ‘.’ no longer listed
  • Configurations now save the directory of the last ROM loaded
  • Improved support on color PRC (now works on framebuffer and LCD)
  • Dreamcast Only:
    • Added read/write VMU support
    • EEPROM write disabled by default
  • Debugger Only:
    • Fixed “Add watchpoint at…” in Memory Viewe
    • Added symbols list window
    • Added run trace window
    • Added “Go to cartridge IRQ” with ability to decode the address
    • Middle and Right click now set breakpoint/watchpoint
    • Go to address/IRQ now highlight the location
    • Added autorun .min after load
    • Fixed offset of CE jump instructions
  • NDS Only: Removed real battery status
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1 Comment

minipsp777 says:

cool emulator i love it i have it on my psp i just want to know how to keep the save state for all games without erasing other on.