By: Mr. Blinky
Date: Sunday, July 24th, 2011 at 13:04
Comments: 4

Pokémon Breeder Mini Translated!

The most text intensive game for the Pokémon mini is now playable in English! Thanks to the efforts of Mr.Blinky, snesy and Wa. Go check it out at the Downloads section.

List of changes:

  • Changed Title screen
  • Changed main menu sprites
  • changed option screens and sprites
  • changed name input screen
  • added english keyboard layouts with additional support code
  • changed pokemon hatched sprites
  • changed all save data screens and repositioned cursor sprites
  • changed options confirmation screens
  • changed friends screen,all 36 pokemon friend names and support code
  • changed pokemon toys screen and toy names and support code
  • changed menu screen and menu item names
  • changed help screen and help item names
  • changed options screen and sprites again for using POKéMON
  • changed quick break message
  • changed mail screens and status screens
  • Changeds Professor’s dialog sprites to allow for 9×6 text window
  • all graphics 100% translated !!!
  • All dialog texts 100% translated!!!
  • Centered Egg confirm text and sprites and fixed corrupted tile on mail screen.
  • Added a little secret.


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KR155E says:

You did it again! Fantastic work! 🙂

P.S. I added info and screens from your site to the news item.

Agent99 says:

Oh god. So much love for this site.

Kujonek51 says:

Great job!

MiniMe says:

Playing through a released copy and this is an awesome resource. But what’s the little secret?? 🙂