By: KR155E
Date: Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 at 20:39
Comments: 4

Some Site Updates

Hello, we are still alive!

I just finished updating the site’s page structure to make use of WordPress 3.0’s custom post types. While you can’t see much effect on the front side of things (yet), things are now much cleaner and easier to maintain on the backend side.

There’s also numerous changes here and there, some smaller and hardly noticeable, some instantly visible, like the floating Pokémon Mini system on the left side.

Another obvious one: I removed the “Games”, “Hardware” and “Forum” buttons from the header – the old, original main menu, which looked cool but was rather unnecessary now – and replaced them with a live search bar. So, finally the site is properly searchable. It’s fun even – try it out!

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Kuresuna says:

I love what you’ve done with the place! It looks absoloutely terrific.

Just one thing, the buttons in the header are still in the forum section. Great work though!

KR155E says:

Thanks, Kuresuna!

The forum runs a separate template, so it’s a bit of work to get it to look like the rest of the site. I think I will just move the forum search into the header and make it look like the main site’s live search box. Hope to get that done soon.

zoranc says:

Agree with Kuresuna. Site looks much nicer and cleaner IMO now! Great job!

KR155E says:

Update: Made the PMini only floating where it is needed: the homebrew list.

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