By: KR155E
Date: Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 at 15:40
Comments: 3

Welcoming a new staff member and new guides section

I am happy to welcome Mr. Blinky as the newest member of the site staff!

Blinky wrote a Pokemon Mini LED Backlight Mod, which is the first article in our new guides section. Furthermore, information and images about Mr. Blinky’s Poke USB Rev2 were added to the Flash Carts page.

Poke USB Rev 1.2

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Mr. Blinky says:

Thank you for the warm welcome ! Hoping to make some good contributions to the Site.

zoranc says:

Good job to both of you guys for the support of the site so far and for the awesome mod. Probably it’s the most useful PM mod so far.

Kresna says:

Congratulations Mr. Blinky!

A very good, well documented tutorial and a great person to chat to on irc ;).

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