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Lupin, Team Pokémé



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Flash utility for PokeCard 512 Rev2. Supports MrBlinkys menu to create multirom images. This is a console application without user interface.

Updated version includes support for SST39VF040 flash memory and the PokeFlash GUI is also included within the ZIP file.

The driver for Rev2 USB linker cable can be downloaded here.



DarkFader says:

I compiled it on OS X with the following:
(modified the includes and added some function replacements)

Lupin says:

I added your changes to the new release version.
Got rid of the safe function calls.
The wait behaviour can now be configured.
It now returns a proper return value.
Free areas are filled with 0xFF instead of 0x00.
Added a batch file with example ROMs showing how to call PokeFlash.
Added a fixed version of MrBlinkys menu.
Some cosmetic changes on the info screen.

Agilo says:

Using DarkFader’s source (adding an include for string.h and moving the strio.h include to the top) I was able to compile this for Linux as well (I had to install libftd2xx0.4.16 from to get it to work, and I had to overwrite the ftd2xx.h from PokeFlash with the one from libftd2xx).
Thanks for the leg work, DarkFader. 🙂

Ian says:

Can these still be purchased? I am very interested in buying one. Lupin I sent you a message, please let me know if I can buy one. Thanks, Ian.

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