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Portable homebrew-emulator for Pokémon-Mini.

Available platforms:

Lastest version can be found here

Source code can be found here


me says:


DaniPhii says:

Here I am waiting for more betas to be tested in PSP and Android! 🙂

works like a charm in debian and other linuxes

HSReina says:

Does someone still maintain freebios.asm?
The instruction (mov h, $B0)
seem to be wrong from my perspective
Set Page 0 should be ‘mov [hl], $B0’
the bug seem to affect few next instructions and do a write in the ROM space

Fernando Pérez says:

There is also a 3ds version

Andie poke says:

Is there a mode to save your progress in The Android apk? 🙁

Dylan says:

I think it would be neat if this could run on a year 2000 old Cybiko. There is a C / C++ compiler in an old SDK then I may try to see if it could work. IF only I knew what I was doing haha.

John says:

Is this going to get updated more? The Android version seems to be behind the behind one update.

Andre says:

Any chance there will be a port for the flipper zero?

Tom says:

How are you supposed to play this on a NDS? I downloaded the files but I have no idea what file to put where to load the emulator.

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